About Cyber Drop Box

Ellis Todd King

Cyber Drop Box was born out of a dream of its founder. Ellis Todd King was seeking a degree in Web Technology. At the same time, he was managing the mail for his trucking parents. As important mail or packages would arrive, he would call them, letting them know what the postman had brought that day. Often, they would need to have the contents of the envelopes scanned, encrypted and emailed to them to be able to deal with whatever situation was imminent. When official documents, such as their renewed driver's licenses came, he handled the task of overnighting the item ahead of their projected route of travel.

After years of babysitting his parents' mail and packages, King had an epiphany. What if there was a website that provided an easy way for anyone to access their postal mail? They could log in using a username and password then have secure access to all of their mail, both current and archived, from anywhere they had an internet connection. Not only that, special services such as overnight delivery could be personally handled by a real person based on a case by case interactive assessment.

After sharing this vision with many truck drivers and business professionals, King realized there was a real opportunity here. He would be able to free people from the necessity of dependency on family and friends just to be able to check their mail and tend to business. He could remove the feeling of being a burden or of imposition on loved ones just to receive important documents or mail-order medication while on the road. The need for Cyber Drop Box was very apparent.

King enlisted the help of many professionals in a variety of fields. He went on a six month journey of research and development in order to build what would become the future in postal mail delivery. Welcome to Cyber Drop Box!

To hop on board or to learn more, click here. Let Cyber Drop Box give you the real independence you need to pursue your chosen lifestyle!