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Our Personal Commitment

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The White Line Grapevine

Here's to getting you there and back again... just more informed and entertained than ever before! Millions of Miles of Experience, Long-Haul Humor, OTR Wisdom, and Cutting Edge Trucker Technology...

For most over the road drivers, winter is, at its best, challenging. At its worst, it is a sheer nightmare. This month, I wanted to offer some rules of thumb and personal "thou shalt nots" that I've u... (read more)
Once upon a time, there were two over the road, long haul truck drivers. One lived in Tennessee, the other in Oklahoma. Both drove team with their spouses, both worked for the same company. The c... (read more)
As I sit here and think about the last few weeks, there is only one thing that keeps invading my mind. "Why is it so hard to do business with people?" It blows me away at how difficult it is t... (read more)
It reads like a scripture passage from some alternative Bible for Trucking: ???whenever two or more drivers are gathered together in the name of trucking, a gripe session eventually ensues.??? Wh... (read more)
My name is Kat Tracy and I am an angry trucker. There, I said it. Admitting you have a problem is the first step in reconciling the problem. I fear there are many steps left to take before I get ... (read more)